Smash Room


Smash Room

Have you ever watched a frustrating football match or rubbish TV show and wanted to smash your TV? What about finishing a drink and simply smashing your glass? Throwing your plate against the wall after a meal, or simply just smashing stuff for fun or to let your frustrations out?

Well we’ve got you covered. It’s called Smash room and it’s the ultimate smash it up adventure in complete safety. You have unlimited time in your purpose built Smash Room, you can even bring your own beers or wine and smash the bottles after you finish them.

All participants are fully clothed and gloved up with protective masks and boots. Also provided are bats and sledge hammers for your ultimate smash it up adventure.

You can even use your phone to video your very own smashing session as each room has its own individual phone holder outside the glass perfectly situated to record the fun.

Once suited up, the guys will be allocated their own individual safety cage with a milk crate full of plates, glassware and random items to smash. There are even bottles full of coloured powder for an amazing visual delight to your smash included in the package.

If that’s not enough for you to unleash your rage, you can add other items like printers, TV’s, Microwaves and LED screens. Smash Room does not claim to cure any inner rage but it’s certainly a smashing good time.

Book your Smash Room package here or simply call us for more information or to add this package to a fully customised day of activities specifically suited to your eventful day.

BYO food and drinks, alcohol allowed, you can even smash the bottles when you finish them!

What’s Included:

  • Unlimited time in your own private smash room
  • Safety clothing, footwear, face and eye protective gear
  • A crate full of plates, glasses and cups to smash
  • A glass jar full of colour powder to smash
  • Multiple tools to smash things with
  • Set up of your phone to record your smash session 
  • BYO or delivery food & drinks welcome
  • Finish your drinks then smash the bottles!

 5+ guys= $70 PP

Less then 5 guys in your group? Contact us for a quote.