The top 5 hottest striptease movie scenes that will make you want to watch more!

The top 5 hottest striptease movie scenes that will make you want to watch more!

These hand-selected scenes got people talking, jaws dropping and heart’s pounding for good reason and are sure to make you want to re-watch the films they are from for good measure.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the 5 most smoking-hot striptease scenes to have hit the silver screen.

1. J Lo in Hustlers

best striptease scene

Superstar, singer and actress J Lo steals the show with her hot and steamy strip tease in the movie Hustlers.

The movie is based on a true story, telling the tale of a group of strippers who scam Bankers on Wall Street, but the electrifying scene where J LO takes to the pole like an absolute pro for a sexy dance which ends in the stage being covered in cash is well worth the watch.

Some Hollywood heavyweights even believe she should win an Oscar for her acting skills in the film.

Watch it here:

2. Demi Moore in Striptease

best strip scene in a movie

Prolific actress Demi Moore cemented herself as one of the hottest babes in Holly wood and “the only one who can make a fedora sexy” with her mind-blowing strip show in the film Striptease.

The black-comedy turns up the heat with incredible stripping scenes through out its entirety so you are really just spoilt for choice.

But when Moore takes the stage in a business suit and fedora hat, winding up and down that pole in black lingerie, well it is one for the memory banks for all.

Watch it here:

3. Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

The sexiest strip show in Magic Mike was by far Channing Tatum’s electrifying solo dance to Ginuwine – My pony – you know the one where he ends up in a red G-string, grinding over a lucky lady in the crowd.

 The movie depicts the caper of a young male- stripper finding himself and what he truly wants in life, but that aside, Channing’s amazing dancing and sexy floor grinding and moves simply takes the cake.

Watch it here:

4. Salma Hayek’s snake dance- From Dusk Till Dawn

Actress and beauty Salma Hayek’s electrifying snake dance in one of Tarintino’s most underrated films From Dusk Till Dawn is a must-watch that will leave you salivating for more.

Picture a Latino beauty and a giant snake writhing around her near-naked grinding exquisite body, until Hayak finally takes the snake off for a wet and slippery display, before pole dancing her way to an electric grand finale.

 From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) horror-action movie (with vampires!) written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Watch it here:

5. Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies

Heavily considered the raunchiest strip teases of all time, actress Jamie Lee Curtis sultry dance scene for Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘True Lies’ is definitely one for the history books.

Baring her incredible body, Lee shows how it’s done, appearing shy and awkward in a little black dress then transforming into a confident-sexy women. She grinds her gorgeous body in an unforgettable skimpy black lingerie then uses the pole of a four poster bed to make her point to an ogling Schwarzenegger.

True Lies (1994) is an action slash comedy film by James Cameron.

Watch it here:

10 of the best bucks party ideas that the lads will love!

10 of the best bucks party ideas that the lads will love!

Follow this formula and you will never pass the buck when it’s your turn to be-in-charge of throwing a bucks party-
If you are reading this you are the chosen one and unquestionably the best man suited for the job.

You have been given one of the highest privileges and honours of friendship: being entrusted to organised and throw the groom-to-be one of the most important celebrations of his life – his bucks party.

Leave the stressing for someone else and forget about what happened in the film The Hangover – you have come to the right place.


We have hand-selected the top 10 ideas for throwing the best bucks party which will earn you the reputation of a thoughtful, fun and a perhaps even a little wild party host – you are sure to send the groom off in style no matter the party size or budget.

1. A good ol’ fashion pub crawl

This isn’t one of the most original ideas in the book but has made the cut for good reason, because well, who doesn’t love a good pub crawl with a bunch of top tier blokes?

It’s as simple as jumping onto Dr Google to find some local venues and see which have some sexy topless waitresses working to kick the afternoon/early evening off with a bang.

Then, choose another 3 to 4 venues in close-ish proximity, making sure to include the man of the night’s favourite bar/club/pub in there.


Finish the evening off by heading to a strip club in the area, choose one with the sexiest ladies and be sure to shout the groom at least one lap dance.

Or the party could stay in for the night by organising a private party at one of the lads pads– let Sweet and Spicy Entertainment provide you with some of their exquisite waitresses or a jaw-dropping XXX show to entertain the boys and make it a fun and memorable night.

Head to for a hassle-free booking.

2. Hire a party bus

Celebrate in exciting style with a fully decked-out party bus.

You and the boys should get door-to-door service with a choice of which venues you want to visit of the night.

There is usually a bar onboard (no glass) or a BYO option, but don’t get too drunk or you won’t be allowed into the bars and clubs you and the group want to visit. Keep it classy.

There may be an option for passengers to play their own music in the bus to really get the party started. Don’t forget to book some Sweet and Spicy topless waitresses and a showgirl to make it a joy ride to remember!

3. A poker night with a

sexy topless poker dealer

Topless poker dealer
Tell the guys to bring their best bluffs and poker faces for a wild poker night they won’t be forgetting any time soon. The card sharks in your group will be happy.

It’s as easy as asking the buck’s party group who has the most suited house to host the event.

Grab some fine Cuban cigars, the best scotch you can find and to really surprise the groom, let Sweet and Spicy Entertainment provide you with some sexy topless babes to deal the cards and serve you and your guests food and drinks.

4. A ski tip

bucks party ski trip
It’s fun, it’s action packed and if you and your bucks party guests budget’s allow for it – a weekend ski trip is one of the most unique and invigorating bucks party ideas of all time.

Picture this..  you, the groom to be and your mates having the most ultimate fun carving up some powder at the snow on a clear crisp day. Oh and there’s cold brews and babes waiting at the end of the run just to top it all off.


Don’t forget the local bars, fires, and the adult entertainment you could most probably arrange for one of the party nights for some ice melting fun.

Be sure to select a snow resort which offers snowboarding and ski lessons for those in the party who are less experienced on the slopes.

Check in with the group to discuss everyone’s budget to select the most suited weekend ski resort packages..

5. Hit the shooting range

Shooting range bucks party
Get everyone in the party all fired-up by taking hosting to a shooting range for some wholesome bucks party fun.

It’s a great way to connect as a group, improve shooting skill, aim, concentration and is always good fun.

Usually, no gun licences are required and the boys can practice with different firearms or maybe even with a couple of new models.

Be sure to organise drinks at a private party afterwards with some fine sweet and Spicy ladies to turn up the heat and make it an unforgettable event.

6. Skirmish

Skirmish bucks party
It’s time to consider bucks party ideas such as some paintball fun if the brides in-laws will be attending the bucks party and you want to keep it tame, but exhilarating.

Most Skirmish companies are well experienced at looking after buck’s parties and will suggest hosting the event on a Saturday afternoon.

Pure exciting, competitive fun, a paintball day is sure to be a hit with the groom-to-be and the guests.


Forget fitness levels – old or young – everyone will have a killer time. The young guns can attack and the older guys of the group can set up the defence. It’ a great team building activity and you and your party guest are sure to feel more connected after the games.

Most Skirmish companies are BYO beverages and some even have BBQ facilities.

7. Deep Sea Fishing

deep sea fishing charter bucks party
Embark on an adventurous voyage with the boys and hire a deep-sea fishing charter for a non-traditional way to celebrate a buck’s party.

Charters usually include a day trip from one of a few different locations off the coastline. It will usually include tackle, baits and rods and between three to five hours of fishing time.


Check with the Charter company regarding which fish will be caught and whether the charter crew will gut and clean any of the fish caught so as you and the party can cook them up on the BBQ with a few beers when you get back on land.

To spice up the trip book some Sweet and Spicy topless waitresses to serve you and your guests cold ones while you fish.

Check out the girls available to book here:

8. Go Karting

go karting bucks party
Get suited up for a race-day to remember. This timeless classic and wholesome activity is sure to get the groom-to-be and his party all revved up.

With the perfect amount of competitiveness and bonding action and a chance for the group to flex their racing talents and need for speed, a day out on the Go Kart track is the perfect way to celebrate a buck’s party.

Suiting all group sizes and budgets, the karts are usually evenly matched, with automatic timing. The fastest in your crew wins the race, but remember it’s not about who wins or loses, it’s all about having fun.

9. A bush survival course or retreat

Bucks party ideas
Step outside-the-box with this ultimate male-bonding experience. Take the bucks party crew out to reconnect with nature and learn some vital skills with a bush survival course.

Brace the elements, get back to basics and to your primal state with your mates and learn some bush craft.


See what weekend courses are available in your area- perhaps go with a basic beginner course to cover all bases within the group.

The courses usually include an adventure-style base camp where guests can learn how to build fires, make shelter, recognise bush-tucker, cook a bush feast and other practical self-sustaining skills in the great outdoors with highly trained and qualified facilitators.

10. A day at the golf driving range

bucks party ideas
Gather the gang and hit the range for a wholesome, less extreme yet still a fun and memorable bucks party day. Polish your swings and stokes while sinking some cold ones with the lads.

Hire a hot bikini or lingerie girl to serve the lads drinks and bend over to put the tees in the ground for you.

To book stunning girls for the golf day visit

The fascinating history of one of the world’s most successful industries.

The fascinating history of one of the world’s most successful industries.

Consenting adults being entertained by the sultry male and female form is said to have begun B.C. 

Let’s face it, cave women probably tore a loin cloth off or two round the fire for some cave men for sure.

But loose and wild religious claims aside, today, the adult entertainment industry rakes in billions of dollars a year globally – and for good reason.

One of the biggest facets and originating aspects of this broad and exciting industry is dancing.

Think Burlesque, belly dancing, exotic dancing, pole dancing and strip teases.

Some may even argue that stripping is a 21st century hybrid of the former styles of ‘shaking what your mamma gave you’.

And god damn, when dancers put on a good show, you are usually far more than entertained.

But where did it all begin? And why do we dig (sometimes deeply) into our pockets to contribute to this essential industry?



Well, the earliest documented record of people being paid to publicly wow adults began with burlesque dancing (albeit, who knows how long it had been going on privately – cue Tina Turner’s song Private Dancer).

This form of provocative entertainment consequently, had a heavy influence on pole dancing and stripping in the USA and England – which would eventually spread around the world like wildfire. 

(L-R) Actresses and burlesque performers Margie Hart, Lili St. Cyr, and Gypsy Rose Lee at Old Howard Theatre in Boston on November 25, 1953. Image by AG. Source:
Today, Burlesque is a tantalising art-form and profitable industry. Male and female performers deliver jaw-dropping combinations of comedy, dance, theatre show stopping costumery and of course a strip-tease with nudity, all rolled into one breath taking form of entertainment.

In the history books, burlesque dancing dates back to the 1840s in America’s minstrel culture. But in London theatres it dates back even further, when Victorian Burlesque exploded in the 1830s to the 1890s – taking popular culture for the times like Shakespeare and Opera and turned it into a parody.

While the prohibition era took its toll on the industry, the genre had a resurgence in the 1950s with women like Gypsy Rose Lee, Sally Rand, Lili St. Cyr, Tempest Storm an BlazeStarr rising as boundary-pushing icons.


Burlesque stripper Tempest Storm. The American is pictured here taking off her bra during a performance on stage in 1954. Photo by Graphic House/Getty Images.


Today’s best-known version of Burlesque took off in the 1900s… when (mostly) women took to Broadway venues and clubs to wow audiences with shows involving popular music, dancing and tasteful yet provocative nudity.

20th Century Burlesque gradually became more about the striptease and the elaborate, head-turning racy costumes.

It is said the first sighting of Burlesque dancing was by Little Egypt, who performed a belly dance and introduced the ‘Hootchie- kooch’ at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair – the show created a public stir – but the continuing moral outrage over burlesque only increased its attraction.

From the 1950s to the 1970sm burlesque’s popularity tapered off until the 1990s when it had another resurgence.

The new era of neo-burlesque has seen a worldwide revival with stars like Dita Von Teese, Perle Noire, Immodesty Blaize Miss Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz and showing us just how this epic form of adult entertainment is done.



Image by Dita Von Tesse. Source:



Belly dancing

Another culturally different form of dance to burlesque which had a significant influence on today’s adult entertainment industry is belly dancing. This form of dance and entertainment is an extremely ancient, with traces being found up to 6,000 years ago – It’s said some Pagan societies celebrated the fertility of a female as something magical by worshipping a feminine deity.

While there is controversy over exactly what the specific type of dance is belly dancing is known to originate from the Middle East (specifically Turkey and Egypt) and is believed to have had a strong India influence.

While belly dance is known to be a good way to prepare a women’s body to give birth to a child there doesn’t seem to be much evidence linking it to ancient fertility rituals or to early Pagan rituals. Nevertheless, over the past 40 years belly dancing has been undeniably associated with spirituality and feminine power.


Middle eastern dance made its way to the USA and Europe through Europeans travelling to Northern Africa and the Middle East in the later 1700s and through the 1800s.

The reactions to the dance were blended – some despised it and some adored it.

But belly dance isn’t the only ancient dance said to influence pole dancing and stripping– with African tribal dance, the ancient Sumerian Dance and the previously mentioned Hoochie Coochie Circus Sideshow Dancers in the USA in the late 18th century, playing essential roles in its evolution.


Pole dancing and stripping

While it’s unclear exactly where pole-dancing originated from it seems all of the dance-genres involving performers of any such erotically suggestive or rhythmic writhing were often called exotic Dancing- which is largely associated with pole dancing.

It is said exotic dancing stems back to the Sumerian times – with an ancient myth depicting one of the first versions of a striptease.

The Goddess of love, Inanna, was said to have told stories through her dance of the seven veils… the dance represents the seven gates she must pass through to find Damouz, her partner and lover.


Inanna decorated herself in jewels and robes in her descent into the underworld – where at each of the seven gates she removed a piece of jewellery or clothing. However, the story doesn’t incorporate a pole-like object.

Inanna- ‘The Queen of the night’ by Santi Rodrigue

Pole Dancing is believed to further be inspired by Latin culture– with dances such as the Rumba and Tango.

Today, pole dancing is a mesh of ancient tribal dancing and is also a form of fitness.

While forms of erotic dance have been around for centuries in many Eastern Cultures it seems that it wasn’t publicly accepted until the 20th century (There is still people expressly against the growing industry and always will be – How prude!).

For years talented professional dancers around the world have turned pole dancing into an art form – as well as performing stripteases – with the removal of clothing to excite their audiences.

The term stripping was said to be first recorded in 1938, although is believed to have been about for several hundreds of years.


Pole Dancer

While the world’s first Playboy Club, Downtown, opened on February 29, 1960, in Chicago, USA, strip clubs like Spearmint Rhino opened in 1989 in California, really sparked the public popularity of the seemingly “underground” form of entertainment.

The craze began filtering through to the UK, with the club For Your Eyes Only starting up in Park Royal in 1995 and moving to the West End four years later.


All in all, the influence of erotic dance in Eastern Culture and its contributions to adult entertainment in the Westernised world is tremendous and deserving of our praise.

Pole-dancing and stripping haven’t only exploded into popular culture, but has trickled into the mainstream, with pole dancing classes (boasting stripping moves) now being held in countries all over the world.

Hell, there are even erotic dance classes available to help men and women give their significant other their own sexy private show.

The industry is booming and is now more morally excepted and less behind closed doors per say, than in its humble beginnings – and hey that’s probably where peep shows stemmed from.

Bucks and hens parties, strip clubs, topless waitresses at your local pub and at private events, sexy dancers at night clubs to liven the vibe, up you name it, they are all widely-excepted as part of the norm in our diverse and always evolving society.

Who knows what is yet to come and to be explored in the industry… it’s progress is proof you just can’t keep a good and necessary thing down.

Click here to view the hottest adult entertainers available to hire in your region.

Or if you would like to work in this fun and profitable industry you can apply here Sweet and Spicy Entertainment are always looking for fresh and new gorgeous ladies to join their team of topless waitresses and professional strippers.